August 26, 2017
27 days since
the event.

Join us for The Mutt Strutt & Dogs’ Day in the Park!

August 26, 2017 at 9:30 am on the YCR Trail at the Marge Goodfellow Park in New Freedom, PA.

Every year, Animal Rescue, Inc. hosts its year’s largest fundraiser, Dogs’ Day in the Park & The Mutt Strutt. The Mutt Strutt gives followers like you a chance to raise pledges for our Sanctuary for Life.

How can your contributions help the hundreds of dogs and cats that call the Rescue their home?
$10 will provide rabies and distemper vaccines to a dog or cat.
$30 will spay or neuter a cat and help reduce feline overpopulation.
$50 will feed a dog for 30 days at the rescue.
$100 will feed 5 cats for one month.
$500 will cover a necessary surgery for a dog or cat.
$1,000 will cover an emergency surgery for a dog or cat.
$5,000 will contribute toward needed repairs at the shelter to enhance the living situations for the animals.

How can you collect pledges?
Set up a fundraising page and share with your friends, co-workers, family, etc by Email, Facebook, LinkedIn or Tweet away to solicit for donations. They can make them easily and safely on the page!

How can you participate?
After you collect pledges, come to the YCR Trail by the Marge Goodfellow Park in New Freedom, PA at 9:30 am on August 26th and get ready to strut solo or with your four-legged friend at The Mutt Strutt!

What can you win?
1st Place - $500 cash
2nd Place - Custom Pastel Drawing by Arts d'Tryon Studio

All participants raising $20+ receive a t-shirt and goodie bag (while supplies last).


Don’t forget!
After The Mutt Strutt, stay for the main event: Dogs’ Day in the Park from 10 am to 4 pm at the same location.

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